Under the Cape

Super speed, incredible strength, the ability to fly, throw fire, read minds or change forms. What superpower would you choose if you could? Would you be the hero or the villain? And how would it affect your relationships?

The challenge of connection, secrets, and the murky line between good and evil are explored in this collection of 11 original romances. Stella's story, "Swiftly in Love" can be found in this sexy super hero anthology.

Lost Love Anthology

Stella's short story, "A Thousand More", can be found in the Lost Love Anthology by Dragon Soul Press. "A Thousand More" is about reincarnated lovers who just can't seem to stay together.”

Community of Magic Pens

Stella's short story, "Written with Love", can be found in this anthology. What would happen if you used your grandfather's magic pen? Oh, and your grandfather just happens to be Cupid himself.

Fated Anthology

Discover the forbidden love affair of Life and Death in my romantic fantasy short story.

My romantic fantasy short story "For the Love of Life" can be found in this anthology.


Frogs in Prince Clothing 

Check out Stella's self published poetry book. These poems are inspired by the many frogs you will fall for along the way before finding your true love in the end.

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